MSME Cluster Financing

Custom Designed for MSME clusters

Customized funding solutions specific to your unique business needs.

MSME Cluster financing is a financing solution that provides funding to businesses along different points in the service life cycle, and not just when final invoices are approved. The straight-through-processing digital platform is specifically designed to serve large service industry clusters that are in the process of adopting digital processes like e-invoicing, paperless claims, and e-payments.

Funding for Service & Support invoices

A win-win for buyers and suppliers

Funding support for services contracts are notoriously difficult to come by. Traditional funders like Banks & Financial Institutions do not step in for working capital requirements unless there is some governmental intervention.

By offering the suppliers an ON DEMAND opportunity to receive cash earlier than the contracted payment date. It’s win-win for everyone.

  • ON DEMAND funding based on individual cash flow requirement
  • Transparent funding costs and processing
  • Completely automated and digitized

Inbuilt Cloud based E-Invoicing and E-Payment system

Gives full control and visibility to the transactions being executed.

Our Supply Chain Financing solution relieves cash flow strain and suppliers get a quick, painless access to funds tied up in their unpaid invoices at preferential rate from pre-arranged financing sources. The module provides full visibility to invoices pre-approved for payment, enabling suppliers to opt for early payment – at a favorable discount compared to financing they could receive on their own. Buyers benefit from more flexible payment terms and reduced working capital requirements.

  • Buyers can extend payment terms ⇒ Generate cash flow
  • Suppliers gain quick and affordable access to capital

Strata Management Cluster

Flexible Funding & Digital solution custom built for the STRATA community

A flexible funding solution that provides a complete Procure-to-pay & Order-to-cash solution for Strata Managers (MAs), Condos (MCSTs) and their Suppliers.

  • MAs can manage thier customers (MCSTs) in a seamless manner on the cloud. This includes necessary approval workflows, budget tracking and audit trail.
  • Suppliers gain quick and affordable access to capital while using the system for integrated E-invoicing process
  • MCSTs of condos and equivalent commercial spaces can leverage their excess cash while reducing paperwork and streamlining their processes

PEPPOL ready hosted solution for the cluster.

Complete end-to-end digitalized workflow that provides FULL ERP capability to the parties in the cluster
  • Procure-to-pay solution for the buyers (Eg. MCSTs), that include budgeting, RFQ / PRF processes, Vendor tracking and performance and digital payment + reconciliation
  • Order-to-cash solution for the Vendors & Suppliers that allow them to do support contract management, E-Invoicing and automated funding of invoices by choice.
  • Strata Management Agents get complete visibility to vendor performance, bottlenecks in the transaction flow and a world-class STRATA management system.
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