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Looking for a digital supply chain platform, that’s modern and intuitive? Want to unlock cash in your supply chain? With SeaProp, raise all your invoices online, get paid early and fast. Receive cash with a click of the button by accelerating payment of your approved invoices. Your choice, your decision and your benefit!

    Vendor E-Invoicing and financing

    Digitize your business while enjoying competitive financing, on-demand

    By using SeaProp platform, you can enjoy a fully integrated digital solution. From contract management, easy e-invoicing that reduces error and time, and tracking your payment cycle, you are fully enabled.

    Moreover, vendors can select invoices to be financed on-demand, when it’s needed. Competitive rates too.

    Collaborative and easy onboarding process

    Automate or choose your funding levels         

    Same day discounting and offers

    Gain visibility into and control over your balance sheet

    Integrated Platform

    With SeaProp, look at all the RFPs that you need to respond to, perform PO acceptance, raise your invoices (digitally) and attach all delivery documents.
    Get paid for all your approved invoices on the day you choose.