Supply Chain Finance
with LSEG's Eikon.
Our leading supply chain finance platform integrates with LSEG's (Refinitiv) Eikon and allows the
entire user base to access these opportunities
Syndicated funding
for Banks, Corporates,
and Private equity...
Our Billboard app on Refinitiv's Eikon will give you listings of funding opportunities. Choose your own participation level and allocation.
A new age funding
for trade finance
Payables finance, Receivables finance,
Dynamic discounting, Securitized trade finance
notes and much more.
Built for the future.
Built for trust & scale
With deep integration to all of Refinitiv assets like Worldcheck & Starmine, our robust and trusted
platform brings in the best of technology to you.
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Our Programs

Trade finance for the future

In close partnership with Refinitiv, a global provider of financial market data and infrastructure, Seabridge is creating a digital financing marketplace. This is powered by Seabridge’s proprietary supply chain financing platform which incorporates available best- in-class technologies.

Seabridge platform empowers all stakeholders: buyers, sellers, and funders.

Buyer-led Financing

Our buyer-led financing solution targets larger corporates with significant a supplier base. They can raise DSO thus allowing corporates to make their money work for them and drive-up profitability.

MSME Cluster Financing

MSME Cluster financing is a financing solution that provides funding to businesses along different points in their service life cycle. This straight through processing platform is fast and participative.

Structured Commodity Financing

Our Structured Commodity Financing solution hosted on Refinitiv's Eikon is a transformative funding marketplace. The platform brings together a variety of funders, buyers and commodity traders.
Our Strength : Seabridge TFX is a big data empowered trade and supply chain finance solutions provider. We believe that the future of finance is increasingly participative and decentralised. The traditionally complex bank financing models are being disrupted by the emerging enterprises powered by fintech and tradetech.

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Everyone benefits

Seabridge platform empowers all stakeholders: buyers, sellers, and funders.


Better vendor relationships with extended funding.


Access on-demand financing effortlessly.


Access attractive pre-vetted, risk-adjusted deals.
Our Platform

Integrated Fintech Platform

Seabridge TFX, in partnership with Refinitiv has created a digital financing marketplace solution on the global Refinitiv Eikon platform for funders to access funding opportunities on trade and supply chain financing assets.


Secure, sophisticated data push and pull techniques, automatically capturing ledger details to drive straight through processing. Our advanced rules engine operates all eligibility, selection and pricing criteria using AI-ready optimisation algorithms.


Comprehensive reporting, dashboards and analytics to set objectives and monitor results. Our built-in, easy-to-read data dashboard empowers businesses through data visualization.


Our solution supports dynamic discounting & supply chain finance programs, with flexibility to modify business rules on the fly to meet KPIs of an organization. Supplier portal & digital onboarding tools maximize supplier participation.


Enable customers and partners to programmatically access data via API. Secured and controlled sharing of the necessary data through end-to-end encryption.


Ability to scale up and down to match processing demands with no limits on transactions. Automation across invoice loading, early payment and maturity payment processes.


Track your invoices with ease with our simple and easy-to-navigate platform. It’s quick to setup and requires minimal integration effort.